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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I need an appointment?

No appointment is necessarily needed, however if you would like to request a certain stylist or are in need of a foils, color, or perm, I would suggest that you do.

What color line does Sassycuts use?

Sassycuts uses PRAVANA colors, we find the color selection gives us a wide range of colors to work with.
PRAVANA color are long lasting and have great shine!

Does Sassycuts cut children's hair?

Yes, we do cut children's hair - any age! We take our time and try to make it a positive experience!
Kids get a Lollypop or Balloon with their visit.

Does Sassycuts do Colour Correction?

Yes we do Colour Correction. Come in for a FREE Consultation!
Not all colours can be corrected, we will give you our professional opinion and work with you to make the changes you require.

What about Updos?

Sassycuts enjoys doing Updos! With every booking you receive a free trial run a week before the Big Day.
This takes the guess work and stress out of it all. The trial run is not a full Updo - if you want it done in full there will be a charge.

Does Sassycuts do Chemical Straightening?

Not yet! We are in the process of bringing it into the salon!

Does Sassycuts do Funky Colours?

Yes! Blue - Yellow - Orange - Red - Magenta - Purple!! Come in for your FREE Consultation!

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